Kano state distributed equipment and data tool to health facilities | News

By Sani Garba Mohammed, karaye@knsphcmb.org
The Honourable Commissioner of Health, Kano State Ministry of Health, Dr. Aminu Ibrahim tsanyawa has launched the equipment and data tools purchased from BHCPF and KSCHMA funds for distribution to all primary health care facilities in the state, and free uniform for all categories of workers to use at their working place at the Kano State Primary Health Care Management Board headquarter, Naibawa, Kano.
In his speech, Dr. Tsanyawa commended the effort of the Board for doing its best in facilitating the provision of the equipment and data tools to health facilities. He expressed his happiness over what Executive Secretary, Dr. Tijjani Hussaini is doing by describing as ‘pacesetter, innovative, hardworking, game changer, digital and nationally recognized person’, and called on other sister agencies under the state ministry to emulate what the board is doing in being innovative, movers, and transformative.
Dr. Tijjani Hussaini stated that the provision of outpatient card, appointment card, ANC card [3-in-1, one for client, one for facility, and the other for mai unguwa for tracking], among others are all part of the innovation in uplifting the standard operation of primary health care centres, so that what is obtainable in other higher levels of care in terms of records, can also be so at primary level. He therefore enjoined all primary health care workers to utilize the tools and equipment provided fairly, for continuity and reliability. Also, he thanked all his staff from directors to the lower level for their unflinching support in making the board what it is now, which, without their support, the progress recorded so far could not be possible.
BHCPF provided all the Health Management Information System tools for use in the facilities so that data flow of all services being rendered can be recorded and documented in an effort to ensure availability of the tools always.
KSCHMA funds were used to purchase equipment like Haematocrit, Centrifuging, and Genotype Machines so that basic laboratory services at primary health care level can be available and accessible.