Training and inauguration of Quality Improvement Teams at LGA and Ward level | News

Kano State Primary Health Care Management Board, in collaboration with Clinton Health Access Initiative, and Solina Centre for International Development and Research -SCIDaR organized a 2-day orientation/training for Quality of Care Improvement Team of LGA and Ward on 13-14th July, 2022.
The training focused on introducing the concept of Quality of Care, teaching the principles and a simple step-wise approach for quality improvement up to the point of care in health facilities, designed to build the skills of LGA PHC Managers (QITs) and Ward QITs working in the primary healthcare landscape on QoC.
The first day of the orientation focuses on introducing the QoC strategy and the data management process, while the second day teaches the basic principles and concepts in improving quality of care and building participants' problem solving skills.
Overall, the expected outcome of the 2-day orientation/training are to understand the Quality of Care concept and its role in PHC strengthening; understand how everyone has a role to play in the SPHCMB Quality of Care strategy; analyze and measure quality of care, using the tools and indicators; understand the importance of having and using quality data to make an informed, evidence-based decision; and Identify quality problems, develop ideas of change to address the problem and sustain continuous quality improvement.
At the end of orientation, the Quality Improvement Team of the LGA and Ward were inaugurated for the immediate start of their Term of Reference.
The LGA team include LGA PHCC Coordinator, Supportive Supervision Program Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Essential Drugs Officer, and Maternal & Child Health Officer, while for ward team include Facility Manager, Officers-in-Charge Pharmacy, Laboratory, Ante Natal Care, and Ward Development Committee chairman.